Patrol center Patrol staffs are always staying here for customers’ safety.
Restroom Restrooms are spacious and comfortable to use without waiting. Restrooms at the first parking is available 24/h
Shop You can get ski and snowboarding outfits, toys for snow playing and local souvenirs!!
Ticket counter You can buy tickets which are necessary for admission and lift rides, as well as some information.
Rental center You can rent ski and snow board goods and special clothes!! We have some special lineups of high bland ski wears!!
Locker room You can change clothes comfortably in the warm room with lockers.
Restaurant We have variety of dishes like the popular curry and rice with fried giant shrimps and boar udon noodle.
First lift The triple lifts will take you to the top of the family ski slope while you are chatting on the lift!
Second lift The pair lifts will take you to the top of the trial challenge ski slope!!
Third lift The pair lifts will take you to the top pf the mountain while you are having views of the forest course and the panorama ski slope!!
E lift Beginners can easily hike up to the top with the moving walkway!!

Kuju Forest Park Skiing Ground – About Facilities

The correct way to get on and off the chairlift